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This is the update to the trading strategies discussed in my blog post http://traderschowk.com/2015/01/22/technical-view-on-4-stocks-22-01-2015/ dated 22-01-2015. All positions were/ are held January Futures and if required, will be rolled over to February futures. Sans, Idea, all other positions are closed on 23-01-2015. Divis Lab was an excellent intra day opportunity and Tata Motors was a BTST ( Buy today- Sell tomorrow) trade which gave us a total profit of 23,000 in just 1 day!!

Below is the status on the discussed scripts:

  • Tata Motors: Buy initiated@ 555. Booked profit@ 575 on 23-05-2014, Total Profit: 22,000/Lot. As discussed in the trade plan (link given below) Tata Motors’ Target 2 was 572, but the stock opened with a huge gap up on 23-01-2015 much above our target price, so profit was booked 575.
  • Divis Lab: Sell initiated@ 1670. Booked profit@ 1646 on 22-01-2015.Total Profit: 2750/Lot
  • Idea: Buy initiated@ 164. Status- Open. LTP- 170.30 as on 3.30 pm, 27-01-2015 closing. Target 1-170  , Target 2-176.

Link to the calls: http://wp.me/p5l3Hb-53

If you haven’t checked out our past calls and the profits we made, check them out here-



The terms used is respective trade plan has been explained here.

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