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January 2015 was a month of wild swings. A month that started with a bearish note and an impending correction on the way was totally taken aback by RBI’s surprise move of lowering the interest rates on January 15, 2015. On 1st January, CNX Nifty opened at 8270 and closed at 8810 levels on 29th January,2015. A total of 550 points gain! It was indeed a month of great trades on the way, here is how we fared in January. Check out our trading (Intraday and Short Term calls) performance below :

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Here are the links to the calls given:

1. Date : 16-01-2015; Link to the calls:

2. Date : 20-01-2015; Link to the calls:

3. Date: 22-01-2015; Link to the calls:

4. Date: 28-01-2015; Link to the calls:

If case you missed out our trading ideas for this month, stay tuned on for more such daily trading updates!


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