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Trade Date- 30/05/2018

(1) PNB:  After a pull back rally from the lows of 74, the stock is again showing signs of weakness and may be shorted for levels mentioned below.

Technical pattern: ADX>25
Trigger Price
Stop Loss
Target 1
Target 2
SELL <85 90 82 76


(2) Bank of India:  The stock has very weak chart pattern and is already trading below major support levels.  Still languishing under the bear grip, the counter may be shorted below the 100 mark for targets mentioned below

Technical pattern: Bearish Crossover
Trigger Price
Stop Loss
Target 1
Target 2
SELL <100 105 96 91


(3) Bharti Infratel: In the last trading session, the stock resumed its underlying downtrend thus confirming the prevailing weakness. Fresh shorts may be initiated below 302 mark for targets mentioned below.

Technical pattern: <20 Day SMA
Trigger Price
Stop Loss
Target 1
Target 2
SELL <302 310 292 282

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Author: Traders' Chowk

27 thoughts on “Trading Calls- PNB, Bank of India & Bharti Infratel

    1. Bank Nifty is looking weak in short term. May witness selling pressure in tomorrow’s session.

  1. Mam can we make short strangle strange in pnb jun series by selling 1 lot 90ce and 1lot 75pe + buy 85pe for you mantioned tgt?

    1. You may hold hold the stock with stop loss@230. Break of this level may again take the stock 15-20% lower.

      Capacite looks weak and is trading at 285 odd levels. You may place stop loss@272 and hold your position.

    1. Ujaas Energy is a very weak counter. Not a stock for investment/trading. Below 14 levels, the stock may fall further.

  2. Hello mam.

    Good morning. Mam, I have purchased 1 lot June of Bel at 124, what should I do? What are the levels for stoploss or sbould I exit now?

  3. The stock is looking weak for buy positions. but in todays session the stock may witness phases of gap covering leading to relatively higher prices towards 120/122 where you may consider exiting.

    1. Yes, you may hold LT for short term .above 1377 the stock may gain more momentum. stop loss may be placed at 1367 for short term call.

  4. 395.95 low madam my position is clear as per cash level
    now holding pnb bankindia infratel i hope i earn as well

  5. hello
    i need view in gsfc im holding 130 ce @2.60 for short term pls share ur view can i hold or not for till next 15-20 days

  6. If the stock closes above 121 in next 2-5 sessions, you may hold your 130 CE position. If it fails to close above the said level, you may choose to exit, as the OTM CE you are holding will shed the premium easily if the underlying stock doesn’t gather momentum at the start of the series.

    1. In my opinion, it is not the right time & level to buy mindtree. But if you are already long, you may hold it with stop loss @984 for June series.

  7. Please confirm SL for ESCORTS for May series to chase for 2nd target of 960 as given..Many Thanks for your guidance ..1st target of 945 achieved as given

    1. Target 1 stands as the trailing stop loss for Escorts. Once the stock starts trading below 945, you may exit your position

  8. Mam please advise on Tataglobal and Tata coffee. Can i take short position on moMond in any of these?

  9. Hi Ma’am GM…
    I bought BEML at 1140..Since then it is only sell…I don’t want to exit with huge loss…Hope this stock can see an upside sometime..

    1. Yes. BEML is still looking very weak. The stock may witness lower levels in short term

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