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1. Power Grid:

The stock had been in a range for quite some time and seems a probable candidate for a near term outbreak. Any break above 151 may be utilised as an opportunity to go long in the counter.

pwrgridTrade Plan for the stock:

Trigger Price: > 151

Target 1: 156

Target 2:159

2.Aurobindo Pharma:

The stock looks strong above 1190. Trade plan for the stock is as follows:


Trigger Price:> 1190

Target 1:1205

Target 2:1210

3.Jubilant Foods:

The stock , though capped with less volatility looks ready for the near term upmove. It is a buy above 1430 for target of 1450. The specific trade plan is as follows:


Trigger Price: > 1430

Target 1: 1450

Target 2: 1460

The terms used is respective trade plan has been explained here.

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