Courses Offered

Basic Technical Analysis course. Click here for details.

Advanced Technical Analysis course. Click here for details.

Futures and Options Course. Click here for details.

Fundamental Analysis. Coming soon!

10 thoughts on “Courses Offered

  1. Name:- IBrealestate
    Buy Rate :- 205/-
    Quantity:- 500 share
    Hold ,Sale , ???
    Waiting upto Oct 2018
    What can I do ???
    Pls suggest

    1. The stock is not looking very strong in short/medium term. The overall trend of the stock is down and weakness may still persist in the counter below 160. So, 160 may be taken as a stop loss for your buy position. You may hold it with stop loss 160.

  2. Sir
    I buy Albert David 500 shers .prise is 300 par sher.
    Pls give me a advise. What to do? Sell or Hold?
    If sell then target prise pls..
    If hold then sujjest hold period..

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