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1.M&M financial:

The stock has broken down valid support levels and is looking weak for short term which is ascertained by mmyesterday’s gapdown opening. The stock is a sell below 284.

Trade plan for the stock:

Trigger Price 1 : <284

Trigger Price    : 281

Target 1          : 274

Target 2          : 268

2. Ambuja Cement: The stock has displayed a strong bullish pattern on daily charts.  Any dip towards 243-245 may be used an opportunity to initiate long positions.


Trade Plan for the Stock:

Trigger Price 1: 243-244

Trigger Price 2: >248

Target 1         : 256

Target 2         : 264

3.Sun TV: The stock seems to gather in more volatility for the past few sessions. A break above 427-428 range suggests a new up move. Wait for this level which once broken on upside , new long positions may be initiated.

sunTrade Plan for the Stock

Trigger Price : 427

Target 1       : 438

Target 2       : 443

4. HUL: The stock had a strong run from from 830 to 840 in last 5 sessions. However, the rally seems to have lost momentum and fatigue is visible. The stock may interest shorters below 886-885 levels. The stock is a ‘Sell’ below 886 level.

hulTrade Plan for the Stock

Trigger Price 1: <886

Target 1: 881

Target 2: 877

The terms used is respective trade plan has been explained here.

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