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In spite of Nifty showing a subdued session today, demand in some sectors remained strong during the day. Following are the 3 sectors which witnessed strong capital inflows and outperformed broader index, Nifty.

1.S&P Auto Sector:up 1.14%.Points Gained:+213

Open: 18,844.22       High: 19,153.71              Close:19050.97

2.S&P BSE Capital Goods: up 0.73 %. Points Gained:+115

Open: 15,826.64       High: 16,021.75             Close:15875.58

3.S&P BSE Consumer Durables : up 0.97%. Points Gained: +94

Open: 9,759.68          High: 9,917.81                Close: 9867.21

Capital Inflows in particular sectors shows the participants keen interest in driving those sectors for a time period. Traders may get benefit by positioning themselves on side of strongest sectors which may in turn, help to accentuate their returns. More technically speaking, this is known as Sector rotation.

More details on Sector rotation will be followed soon. 


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