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1.There are 17 stock exchanges in India. Out of which only 7 are permanent and rest 10 require their license to be renewed timely. Can you recall any names apart from NSE and BSE?

2.The record low Sensex has ever touched is 113.28 points in December,1979 and after 35 years, it touched the record high at 28822.37 in November, 2014.

3. Do you know U.S markets (S&P500 & Dow Jones Industrial Average) contracts can be traded in NSE. The derivatives contracts were introduced in 2011 & it was for the first time, S&P500 were listed on any exchange outside U.S.A

4 . BSE is one of world’s top exchange in terms of listed members. It has more than 5,000 companies on the list.

5.Did you that on Nov, 2014 India became one of top 10 markets in the world by market capitalization? India market capitalization is approx $1.6 trillion & it is ahead of Switzerland & Australia markets based on Market Cap.

6. In spite of such a good news, out of a total population of approx 1.2 billion, there are only 20 million demat account holders in India. Sadly, not all are active!

7. And…Only 2% of Indian household savings are being directed to Equity markets, Indians are so risk-averse!

8. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are the strongest driving force in Indian markets. Among Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs), LIC leads the way.

9. The record number of trades Equity F&O were done on 23-12-2014  and it was 52,86,778. In Equities segment, record number of trades were done on 16-05-2014 and it was 1,18,05,386.

10.Today, i.e on 16-01-2015 , Nifty witnessed the record market capitalization of 98,45,639 crores!

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